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Jenni Sintonen
Translator with MA in Languages

Etuniementie 9 A 4
FI-02230 Espoo
Tel: +358 50 46 56 432
VAT number: FI21193382

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I am a 36-year-old translator and interpreter. My working languages are Spanish, French, English and Finnish – my mother tongue.


I have an MA in Spanish as well as minors in French and Translation Studies from the University of Helsinki, and I have worked in the field of translation since 2003. I have also worked for a couple of years for an international forestry consulting company, Indufor, translating project descriptions, résumés and tender material related to forestry and the environment.

I have worked as a self-employed translator since spring 2007, and nowadays this constitutes my main work activity. I have also worked occasionally as a liaison interpreter. I have considerable experience in completing tourism, forestry, EU, electronics, IT and cosmetics translations as well as financial translations, especially since the introduction of the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) in Europe in 2012 (please see Past projects).

Most of my clients are European translation agencies.

I have lived in Spain and in France, so I am familiar with the cultural, political and social realities of those countries, and I know how various cultural factors are reflected in the different forms of language.

My aim is to evolve constantly in my work and maintain my language and translation skills in numerous ways. The satisfaction of my clients is always my primary objective, and to ensure this I perform each and every assignment with accuracy, taking into account the purpose of the translation, its style, fluency, coherence, special terminology and the client’s requests concerning the assignment.

I keep in contact with professionals and translator colleagues in different fields of expertise, and when necessary, I turn to them for help in terminological and linguistic questions.


I’m interested in various aspects life: languages, habits, people, places, atmospheres, ideas. Through translation and interpreting I can look at life from different angles. The reason why I love my job is that it gives me the chance to learn something new every day!