A professional linguist

at your service

I’m Jenni, a freelance translator and linguist with 15 years of experience in translation, localization, editing and machine translation post-editing (MTPE). My working languages are Spanish, French, English and Finnish – my mother tongue.


Education and background

I have an MA in Spanish with minors in French and Translation Studies from the University of Helsinki. I also studied economics and accounting at Business College Helsinki. In the spirit of lifelong learning, I have taken other courses as well and received further training over the years, the TAUS post-editing course being a recent example.

Before venturing into translation full-time, I first worked as a company employee, specifically as a project manager for the international forestry consulting company Indufor. My earliest employment included being an au pair in Madrid and a stagiaire in Paris, so I’ve had practical language training, too!


Experience in translation, editing and MTPE

Since starting out in the translation industry, I’ve translated financial, technical, administrative, legal and marketing texts, and I’ve also edited human and − increasingly often these days – machine-translated texts. In recent years, the green transition has become a global priority, and green energy, the low-carbon economy and electrification of the transport system have also become specialties of mine.


Professional tools and networks

I’m a heavy user of the professional tools, digital resources and cloud-based platforms of the translation industry, and I embrace technological advancements that can help me do my work better and more efficiently.

Being an autonomous translator doesn’t mean working alone. In addition to actively interacting with my clients, I maintain contact with translator colleagues and other professionals who have expertise in a wide variety of fields. When necessary, I turn to them for assistance with terminological and linguistic challenges. I am also a member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) and I apply its General Terms of Contract for Translations unless otherwise agreed.


Who are my clients?

For the most part, my clients are European translation agencies and international companies. I seek to build positive long-term relationships with my clients, because mutual trust benefits both parties and leads to optimum results. I regularly seek to establish new business relationships.


Why choose me?

I seek above all to deliver excellent texts, which is why I complete every assignment with care, taking into account its purpose, style, fluency, coherence and any special terminology needs, along with the special requests you may have. I can help you speak to a Finnish audience using authentic language that flows!

If you’d like to find out more about the kinds of projects I have completed in the past and who for, please contact me and I’ll send you my CV and references!